This site, in honor of Tales of Symphonia finally coming to Switch, is a guide to collecting all the titles in the game (which is to say, 100%ing it).
This isn't a walkthrough, more of a checklist. It's best referenced at the end of your first run/beginning of your second.
Some things are still under construction (Treasure Hunter and Gigolo, in particular). I'll be filling them out as I play through the game myself, so they're coming soon.

Unless otherwise noted, my info is coming from the Brady Games Official Strategy GuideTM or the game itself. I'm committing to finally 100%ing the game on switch myself (this guide is mostly for me), so I'll be personally double checking everything as I play.


(If you haven't played the game before, I don't recommend hanging out. There are major spoilers lying around. I plan to make a spoiler-free page for missables, but if you wanna 100% the game you have to finish it at least three times anyway so you can probably afford to play blind the first time.)